Our preschool lesson plans are written to be fun and educational. Each themed unit includes several activities in each of the important child development areas including fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language and literacy, etc. A complete list can be found here.


By using these preschool lesson plans you are preparing your class to read and develop other important skills. Each activity that is mentioned has a specific benefit to children and was designed to improve and increase a specific skill. Our lesson plans are written and used by actual preschool teachers. With over 16 years in the classroom, our teachers know what works and what doesn't.


With our lesson plans you are ready to start teaching right away. We give you instructions for every activity, story, song, craft, etc. in the order to be completed. Our preschool lesson plans include all the information that you need to prepare to teach your class.

Each unit of the lesson plans is designed to cover at least one to two weeks depending on how often and for how long you hold class. That means each volume contains enough information for four to eight weeks of instruction!

Volume 1

Getting Know You

Volume 1 includes the following units:

  • *Getting to Know You
  • *Colors
  • *Shapes
  • *Transportation

These are suitable topics for the first of the year and include information on how to design and set-up the classroom and learning areas. Getting to Know You is a unit where the children get to know themselves and each other. The color unit primarily focuses on getting children to sort and recognize colors and their names. The shapes unit includes identifying the different shapes. Transportation includes trucks, ships, trains, airplanes, cars, etc. These lesson plans meet or exceed federal guidelines for preschool curriculum and include all the important activities: Music & Movement, Language & Literacy, Math & Cognitive, Fine Motor Skills, Creative Arts, Sensory, Dramatic Play & Social Development, Science, Gross Motor and Field Trip Ideas for every unit.

Volume 2

Fall & Halloween

Volume 2 includes the following units:

  • *Fall
  • *Circus
  • *Halloween
  • *Bats and Spiders

These are suitable topics for the fall. This volume includes a unit on Halloween. However, it also includes other units and activities that can be used in a setting where holidays are not celebrated and/or allowed. The unit on fall include activities and information on the changing on the leaves, apples, squirrels, etc. The unit on circus includes information for all of the different acts in the circus like clowns, lions, tigers, and elephants. Halloween includes witches and fun monsters. The bats and spiders unit is all about, you guessed it, bats and spiders.

Volume 3

Me, Health and Thanksgiving

Volume 3 includes the following units:

  • *All About Me
  • *Wheat's and Grains
  • *Health, Doctor and Dentist
  • *Thanksgiving

These are great topics for the late fall or any other time in the year. This volume includes a unit on Thanksgiving. However, this unit can be modified for a setting where holidays are not celebrated and/or allowed. Our lesson plans are designed so that you can begin the year with volume one and proceed through all four volumes. All About Me is a unit about each child, showing how we are all unique and in some ways the same. The Wheats and Grains unit teaches the children about the importance of grains in our diet, how they work and what they look like. Health, Doctor and Dentist explore those different professional medical roles.

Volume 4

Family, Fire Safety, Special Days & Monsters

Volume 4 includes the following units:

  • *Family Culture
  • *Fire Safety and Fire Fighters
  • *Special Days - Hat Day, Shoes and Socks Day, Backwards Day Pajamas
  • *Monsters

These are preschool lesson plan topics can be used for for any time during the school year. Family Culture is about exploring our heritage. Fire safety is important to teach so that children are always ready for an emergency. There are three sections on special days. These special days are for weeks where there is not a full week of school and you don't want to do an entire themed unit in a short amount of time. These special days include full lesson plans for hat day, shoes and socks day and backwards/opposite day.

Volume 5

Winter, Holidays, Tools & Fairy Tales

Volume 5 includes the following units:

  • *Winter Weather
  • *Holiday Happenings
  • *Machines and Tools
  • *Fairy Tales in Threes

These are preschool lesson plan topics can be used for for any time during the school year but some like Winter Wather and Holiday Happenings are better done in the winter months. Winter Weather is all about snow, frost, winter wind, etc. Holiday Happenings includes activities, crafts and stories about Christmas and Hanakkah. If you choose not to celebrate these (either or both) holidays or are not permitted to do so, many of the activities can be adapted to celebrate the season without involving the religious aspects (as some states do not permit this). Machines and tools teach the children all about different types of basic tools and machines while explaining how they work. Fairy Tales in Threes is a unique unit as it covers "The Three Bears," "The Three Little Pigs," "The Three Little Kittens," and "The Three Billy Goats Gruff." These are great to use for short weeks or when you need a little more flexibility in your scheduled curriculum.

Volume 6

Ocean, Community Helpers & Zoo Animals

Volume 6 includes the following units:

  • *Under the Sea
  • *Community Helpers: Postal Workers and Valentines Day
  • *More Community Helpers: Carpenter, Librarian, Barber
  • *Zoo Animals

These are preschool lesson plan topics can be used for for any time during the school year but some like Postal Workers and Valentines Day are best done in February. If you choose not to celebrate this holidary or are not permitted to do so, many of the activities can be adapted to celebrate the season. Cmmunity helpers teach the children about a variety of businesses and people that they come in contact with. Zoo animals teaches children about the wide variety of animals that are in zoos and interesting facts about them. Learning about their world increases self-confidence and creativity.

Volume 7

Forest Animals, Bears & Science, Music and the Five Senses

Volume 7 includes the following units:

  • *Forest Animals
  • *Bears and Science
  • *Music
  • *Five Senses

These are units can be done any time during the year. Forest animals teaches the children about the diverse animal life founds in the woods. The bears and science unit not only focuses on the bears, but in addition to the science component in every unit, gives a special emphasis on science and discovery. Music (also included in every unit) teachs about different instruments and types of music, giving a closer look at music in general. The five senses unit teaches children to use, hone and identify each of the five senses, while having so much fun they don't realize they are learning.

Volume 8

Spring Weather, Plants, Earth Week, Farm Animals and Dairy

Volume 8 includes the following units:

  • *Spring Weather
  • *Plants: Fruits and Vegetables
  • *Earth Week
  • *Farm Animals and Dairy

These are units can be taught in the order of your choice. However, the eight volume set was written in order to help suit your needs as a class, allowing you to adapt that curriculum as necessary. Spring weather is most appropriately taught in the spring, however, you could adapt it to fall weather, etc. Plants teaches about fruits and vegetables. The Earth Week unit teaches about conserving, reusing and recycling. Farm animals and dairy teaches children about life on the farm and where milk and cheese come from.